11 Reasons to Buy a Truck Topper for Camping

Posted by Nick Kallergis - May, 29

truck cap for camping

The rise of overlanding has transformed how adventurers explore the great outdoors. Unlike traditional camping, overlanding emphasizes self-reliance, long-distance travel, and the exploration of remote locations. Central to this experience is having the right equipment, and for many overlanders, a truck topper or camper shell is indispensable. 

These versatile additions to your vehicle can significantly enhance your overlanding experience, providing shelter, storage, and convenience.

1. Versatile Storage Solutions

One of the most significant advantages of a truck topper or camper shell is the added storage space. Overlanding requires a variety of gear, from camping equipment and cooking supplies to spare parts and personal items. A camper shell transforms your truck bed into a secure, weatherproof storage area, ensuring your gear is organized and protected from the elements. The added vertical space allows you to stack and arrange items more efficiently than an open bed. 

2. Weather Protection

Weather conditions can be unpredictable, and overlanders often face rain, snow, and harsh sunlight. A camper shell or waterproof topper offers protection against these elements, keeping your gear dry and shielded from UV rays. This is particularly important for sensitive equipment like electronics, camping gear, and food supplies. With a truck topper, you can rest assured that your belongings are safe from the weather.

3. Improved Sleeping Arrangements

A significant advantage of a truck bed cap is its ability to provide comfortable sleeping arrangements. With a well-designed setup, your truck bed can be transformed into a cozy sleeping area, protecting you from insects and weather conditions. Some overlanders even install rooftop tents on their toppers for added convenience and comfort. 

This eliminates the need for setting up a separate tent, saving time and effort. Note that while several hard shells are designed to support a roof top tent, the only soft top in the US that is load rated and can be used with a rooftop tent is the WildTop by WildTop Truck Caps. 

4. Increased Fuel Efficiency

While it may seem counterintuitive, adding a camper shell can improve your vehicle's aerodynamics and fuel efficiency. An open truck bed creates drag, reducing fuel efficiency. A topper streamlines the airflow over your vehicle, potentially saving you money on long overlanding trips. The improved aerodynamics are particularly beneficial on highways and open roads.

5. Customizable Setup

Truck toppers and camper shells come in various designs and can be customized to fit your specific needs. Whether you need built-in storage compartments, sleeping platforms, or additional lighting, you can tailor your setup to enhance your overlanding experience. This customization ensures that your vehicle is optimized for comfort, convenience, and functionality.

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6. Increased Vehicle Versatility

With a truck topper, your vehicle becomes more versatile, capable of handling a wider range of activities. Whether you're overlanding, camping, fishing, or hunting, a topper provides the necessary storage and shelter for various outdoor pursuits. This versatility makes your vehicle a multi-purpose tool, ready for any adventure.

7. Protection for Your Vehicle

A camper shell can protect your truck bed from wear and tear, extending the life of your vehicle. Overlanding often involves rough terrain and challenging conditions, which can take a toll on your truck. A topper shields the bed from scratches, dents, and other damage, helping maintain your vehicle's value and appearance.

8. Privacy

When you're on the road for extended periods, privacy becomes a valuable commodity. A camper shell provides a private space for changing clothes, sleeping, and taking care of personal needs. This is particularly important when camping in crowded areas or rest stops, offering a sense of seclusion and comfort.

9. Easy Setup and Breakdown

Overlanding often involves frequent stops and the need for quick setup and breakdown of camp. A truck topper simplifies this process, allowing you to quickly access your gear and set up your sleeping area. This convenience means more time enjoying your adventure and less time dealing with complicated setups.

10. Enhanced Security

A truck topper provides an extra layer of security for your belongings. By concealing your cargo from prying eyes, it reduces the risk of theft. Potential thieves are less likely to target a truck with a topper since they cannot easily see what valuable items may be inside. Many hard shell toppers allow for increased security with their locking capabilities, but your investment for that option is much higher. For a more economical solution, lock boxes can be used in conjunction with canvas caps or other toppers that don’t offer locking capabilities.

11. Cost-Effective Solution

Investing in a truck topper or camper shell is a cost-effective way to enhance your overlanding experience. Compared to purchasing a dedicated RV or trailer, a topper is a more affordable option that still provides many of the same benefits. This makes it an attractive choice for budget-conscious adventurers looking to maximize their outdoor experiences without breaking the bank.


An overland truck topper or camper shell is a game-changer for anyone serious about overlanding. From versatile storage and enhanced security to improved sleeping arrangements and increased fuel efficiency, the benefits are numerous. 

Customizable setups, increased vehicle versatility, and protection for both your gear and vehicle further make the case for investing in a topper. With the added advantages of privacy, easy setup, and cost-effectiveness, it's clear that a truck topper is an essential addition to your overlanding gear.

Whether you're a seasoned overlander or just starting, a truck topper can significantly enhance your adventures, making your journeys more comfortable, secure, and enjoyable. Embrace the freedom and convenience that a truck topper provides, and take your overlanding experiences to new heights with our full line of truck topper products at WildTop.