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wildtop’s true grit
Every truck tells a story, every cargo holds a memory, and every journey matters. The WildTop line of soft-top truck caps is forged in the birthplace of overlanding, inspired by the undying spirit of the Australian Outback, and driven by the challenges it throws our way. Australia’s vast landscape is home to over 50 mountains that develop thick layers of snow during the peak of winter and one million miles of dry, dusty lands swirling with fierce winds. Our WildTop eats these harsh conditions for breakfast. It is the perfect balance of strength, space, and simplicity.
Then, after our own environmental and internal 48-point quality-control shakedown, our products are mercilessly tested in harsh conditions worldwide, thanks to an internal WildTop team and our external WildTop community — two groups who daily demonstrate passion, perseverance, tenacity, and courage.

Our engineers have decades of industry knowledge, experience, and mastery of best-in-class products. The technical expertise
that comes with such longevity and the pursuit of excellence allows us to keep inventing and innovating within the industry we lead.

Since 1993, Tuff Tonneaus, our parent company and Australia's #1 OEM supplier of tonneau covers, has been a leader in the automotive industry. So trusted is our craftsmanship that global automotive giants — from GM to Volkswagen, from North America to Europe — seek our expertise as a Genuine Accessory developer. Forged from this journey is the next generation of best-in-class truck accessories: our patented WildTop — the ONLY soft top/rack combo on the market.


Complete peace of mind is our brand promise to you. As an ISO Quality Certified company, we kick to the curb any concerns that could be associated with our product through our No-Worries Oath. How? By executing the most extensive manufacturer’s warranty in the industry, taking care of the cost of shipping returns, and offering a no-fuss, money-back guarantee.

Driven by precision, we’ve done the hard yards with R&D and QC to guarantee millimeter-perfect results. Our innovation is second to none. Finally, our truck caps go through a 48-point, full-on fitness test. So we’re confident you’re going love our top — just like our many other customers. But in the rare case you are not 100% satisfied, no worries, mate!

The WildTop truck cap is a proud recipient of the 2023 SEMA Light Truck New Product Award. This award was presented by the Truck Off Road Alliance, TORA, a council within SEMA. The success of the WildTop Truck Cap at SEMA underscores the brand's commitment to delivering practical and quality products to the North American market.
-Graham Averill, Outside Magazine
Outdoor adventure and automotive industry publications have recognized the WildTop for its innovation, flexibility, and price. These accolades are just the beginning as we bring to market products that embody relentless engineering, incessant testing, and commitment to excellence.
Our company is ISO 9001 Certified. ISO 9001 evaluates whether our Quality Management System is effective, while forcing us to identify and implement improvements. Continuous improvement assures that our customers benefit by receiving products that meet their requirements, and that we deliver consistent performance — from testing and packaging to communication and customer service.
With decades of expertise and a peace-of-mind promise behind the toughest working truck cap in the industry, what are you waiting for?