Our design engineers took up the challenge to create a
superior truck cap. A legacy of automotive expertise gave them the experience and savvy to create a cap for truck beds that opens wider for easy access and offers an integrated roof rack system that will carry a roof-top tent and more with ease — simply the best way to transform your truck into the ULTIMATE OVERLANDER.
Our patented Integrated Roof Rack and Vehicle Bed Canopy System includes both the load-rated truck bed rack and the heavy-duty waterproof soft top cover. WildTop is the ONLY soft top/rack combo on the market.
With other brands, you have to choose between the load-bearing rack or the soft topper— or buy both pieces separately, easily costing you up to 40% more money and 100% more hassle. Our soft topper hauls 220 pounds on its roof while you drive, or 770 pounds when parked! So whether you’re carrying tools and ladders to the worksite
or taking a roof-top tent or kayak to the campsite, WildTop’s patented design can handle your cargo.
The WildTop Truck Cap is a proud recipient of the 2023 SEMA TORA
Award for the Light Truck New Product Category.

Your Ride. Your Way.


There’s no need to seek out a professional installer for this one. With our simple DIY installation video and instructions, you can do it yourself in under 90 minutes. After installation, the topper easily opens and closes without needing multiple securing points. The side and rear panels roll up in seconds and stay rolled up with the aid of ultra-strong magnets for quick access to the entire bed. No fumbling around with snaps, buckles, or ties. Additionally, the topper’s rod system keeps the canopy taut without the need for heaps of attachments.

#1 IN Protection
We’ve specially engineered our canvas so that there are absolutely NO openings through which water can penetrate. We created our thick 16-oz canvas soft topper using a specialized method, multiple layers of waterproofing material, and a water repellent. As an additional benefit, unlike other soft topper materials such as PVC, our canvas is breathable. The ability to breathe is probably one of the most underrated characteristics of a truck bed canopy. If your cover doesn’t breathe properly, moisture will build up daily as the interior of the cover “sweats” and you’ll quickly have mildew and mold issues.
To complete the canopy, we double-fold the canvas and sew it. Our
proprietary sewing technique uses tiny titanium needles and durable
water-repellent thread that plugs and seals the needle hole as it sews. Additionally, around the edge of our windows, we apply a special 3M sealant that sets and creates a 100% waterproof seal. Even in the harshest conditions, you and your cargo will stay dry during all 4 seasons!
BUILT TOUGH — No compromises.
Our rust-proof, powder-coated aluminum frame has radius corners for structural integrity. Our fasteners are a combination of stainless steel and special zinc-coated, rust-proof hardware. Our zippers are heavy-duty moulded YKK zips with square-tooth technology that ensures smooth, reliable zipping. Included is a self-sealing design that keeps the zipper from unzipping itself and self-lubrication that keeps the zipper working well. We offer the industry’s best warranty of 2 years on our frame and canvas cap, and each WildTop goes through a 48-point check before shipping.
In short, our engineer team has tirelessly developed and quality-tested each design to ensure our tops are:
With its capability to carry anything you need from worksite to campsite, what are you waiting for?