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Quality Product

The build was straight forward and fairly easy to do. The only hangup was the special bolt similar to a molly bolt for hollow spaces. The internal screw strips before completing the expansion. The only other thing I wish I had known was that the bed rail caps needed to be removed prior to installation. It made a difference in the fit, but now we need to cover the holes that are now exposed.

Been the best investment with my rooftop tent.

First Roadtrip

Instructions could use a little more detail, but took me a couple hours to get it installed. Will take me 15-20 to remove and install agin now. But this top is FANTASTIC!!!! Got to lake, took top and used framed to carry two canoes and the dogs were in the back!!! Also, on the highway, it held up beautifully- no flapping, no slipping … nothing. Worked awesome.

2015 Tacoma 5ft bed

Product is good, sturdy, easy to install. Outside packaging held up in shipping but the bags of hardware opened up and were scattered inside. One improvement for how I am using it would be bars going length wise in between the ladder racks to help support things in the center.

Hi Shawn,

Thanks for the 5-star review! We appreciate your feedback.

Great to hear that the topper is sturdy and easy to install.

Sorry to hear that the bags of hardware opened up during shipping. We hope that you had all the hardware required.

If there were any missing parts please contact us at so that we can correct this for you..

Thank you,

Good stuff

Was looking for an alternative to my former rooftop tend and rack setup, to just get some weight saving. There are amny other similar products out there, but this one caight my eye. The fact that its a topper and has a built in rac is was attracted me to it. Other companies you need to buy a soft top and a rack thats compatible to have a functional load rack. Every thing came ver nicely packed, and undamaged. All the pieces were accounted for. Instructions are nice because it has pictures, but could add some verbage to make it more clearer. None the less, after getting the rhythm for what needs to be where, the rest of the process went easy, and was did and done. Looks good and really like the daul functionality of thos top. Cant wait to take it on an adventure.

Love the top! Easy to assemble and great fit.

Great addition to my truck!

Wanted extra room for camping and to be able to mount my tent on top. This product did just that. Easy one person install took 5.5 hours including mounting my tent.

Easy to install, looks and functions great. I wish I got it sooner

Wild top product

Love it so far

Wrong parts

Had a little trouble getting the right parts but WildTop corrected the problem very quickly. Good company to work with.

Great Topper for running a roof top tent

I have had a tonneau cover, softopper, camper shell, and bed rack on my Tacoma before I got this topper. All of these have their downsides, but this topper is the best choice for me. I like having my bed closed in from weather/dust, but I want to have a roof top tent on my truck. With it on the camper shell, I never trusted it, as I felt I was exceeding the weight limit. With the WildTop topper, I can run my tent and have my bed enclosed. It is also easy to take off by myself, as it doesn't weigh as much as my hard shell.

Product is very nice
Really good quality

And the customer service is awesome! They have take time with me to be sure of the fitment on my truck..

Absolutely love this top!

I bought this top after my wife finally agreed that I could.

I love being able to do the safari mode style and I don't miss my tonneau cover at all.

My only pain point is losing security of my stuff. And I'm slightly worried about the canvas that overhangs the bed side on the paint. I'm going to put a step of paint protection film on around and have piece of mind.

WildTop Soft Truck Cap for 2007-2021 Toyota Tundra 5'7" Bed (66.7 in)

Awesome product

Easy to fit
Look really nice on the truck
Very easy to use

Awesome topper

Have a 2021 Tundra and fits well

Tough canvas

Overall design is great. Canvas is long enough to cover the edge of the bed and keep out water. Great waterproof material. Do not try to put the canvas on yourself. Grab a partner to help stretch it into place. The frame is very solid and lightweight only issue I had was trying to install the bolts that hold it to the bed of the truck. Short bolts in a very tight spot.

WildTop Soft Truck Cap for 2015-2023 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma 6ft Bed (73.7 in)

Solid Product / Instructions Lacking / Excellent Service

Update: After reaching out to Wild Top to explain some shortcomings of the design, they stepped up and sent me a replacement cover and longer side bars for no charge. The updates work great; along with a photo the sent indicating the actual distance of the rear supports from the tailgate. If their updates to the instructions are half as good, this top is a no brained to buy in my.

Original Post: While the build quality seems rugged (I assembled installed and then removed as I am not ready to use), the instructions are lacking. Some text and dimensions would be beneficial. It seems like the rear uprights, installed per the vague graphic and semi-pre-punched canvas templates, are to too far inboard of the tailgate, which does not allow the rear flap to properly overlay the top of the tailgate. Therefore, I may need to drill additional holes in my truck when I reinstall in order to remedy this situation - Not happy about that.

Hi Brian,
Thank you for your review of your WildTop cap! We appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts, especially regarding the build quality. It's great to hear you're impressed with its ruggedness.

We understand your frustration with the lack of detailed instructions and the issue you encountered with the rear flap not properly overlaying the tailgate. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

We take customer feedback seriously, and your experience highlights the need for more comprehensive instructions. We're actively working on improving our instructions to include clear text, precise measurements, and detailed diagrams so thank you for this feedback.

We understand your concern about drilling additional holes in your truck. We want to help you achieve a proper fit hopefully without the need to drill additional holes into the bed of your truck. Our technicians are familiar with these types of situations and may be able to offer some guidance please reach out to us again and we can go over this particular issue.

Thanks, The WildTop Team

Nice soft top

This is%20a%20nice%20soft%20top.%20It%20seems%20tough%20and%20built%20to%20last.%20It%20was%20easy%20to%20install,%20and%20looks%20as%20good%20as%20it%20works.%20The%20zippers%20operate%20smoothly,%20and%20the%20kit%20even%20comes%20with%20clear%20stickers,%20to%20keep%20the%20zippers%20from%20wearing%20into%20the%20paint%20along%20your%20truck%20bed.%20It%20keeps%20out%20the%20rain,%20and%20is%20mostly%20quiet%20at%20speeds%20up%20to%2080mph.%20Some%20minor%20things%20we%20noticed%20are%20that%20the%20magnets%20in%20the%20straps%20aren%27t%20strong%20enough%20to%20hold%20the%20sides%20of%20the%20top%20up%20in%20the%20rolled%20position.%20We%20were%20hoping%20to%20leave%20them%20up%20when%20the%20dogs%20come%20along%20for%20trail%20rides.%20Another%20minor%20thing%20was%20the%20inner%20brackets%20that%20are%20an%20extra%20brace%20to%20the%20frame,%20were%20the%20wrong%20ones,%20and%20were%20bent%20at%20a%20different%20angle%20than%20for%20a%20Tacoma.%20But%20they%20weren%27t%20really%20needed.%20The%20instructions%20are%20QR%20code%20olny,%20which%20sucks.%20Paper%20ones%20would%20have%20been%20appreciated.Overall,%20it%27s%20a%20great%20product,%20with%20a%20seller%20who%20seems%20to%20really%20listen%20to%20their%20customers!

Hard to say-yet

Received, unpacked, but as I’m in Wisconsin it’s been too cold to assemble. That is, until this week-it finally climbed above 50°F. So assemble I did, right up to the bottom bracing-one part did not fit with the other or rather the 4 inner lower braces do not align with their outer counterparts. I have sent a photo along with a description of the problem and am awaiting an answer/solution. I’ll update as I go…

Hi Michael,

Thank you for your review and for your patience while the weather warmed up in Wisconsin! We understand the frustration of encountering an issue during assembly, especially after waiting for a chance to put it together.

Thanks for sending a photo and description of the issue! Your clear explanation made it easy for our team to identify the problem. We've already shipped the correct replacement part via express DHL last week, so you should receive it soon.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding. We look forward to getting your WildTop assembled and ready for your adventures!
Kind regards,
The WildTop Team

Top-notch, durable product. A soft top with load bearing capabilities is a great idea.

Looking forward to installing

Everything arrived as described. I have not had a chance to install yet, but assembly seems pretty straightforward.

Very cool!

Well made! Pretty easy to install. I bought the green and love the look!

Great looking top and a very unique product

Looked around at other brands but none were load rated like the wild top is. From order to my door in 2 weeks from Australia is not to shabby. Super easy to assemble if you are somewhat mechanically inclined. I assembled mine alone and it took about 4 hours and that was taking my time. No complaints so far. It is a very unique and well designed system and I have received many questions and compliments on the top around town.