Our Story

Cover What You Value Most For Less

In 1993, Tuff Tonneaus, our parent company was founded with a vision to create the best possible tonneau cover for Australian utes. We quickly became the leader in the industry. So trusted is our craftsmanship that global automotive giants, from GM to Volkswagen, from North America to Europe, seek our expertise as a Genuine Accessory developer.

Every truck tells a story, every cargo holds a memory, and every journey matters. We understood that. We felt the need for a cover that wasn't just about covering things up, but about unleashing possibilities - a cover that's robust, yet nimble; spacious, yet sleek; resilient, yet effortlessly manageable.

The WildTop Soft Truck Cap is inspired by the undying spirit of the Australian Outback and driven by the challenges it throws our way. It is the perfect balance between strength, space, and simplicity.

We are proud to offer a product that embodies our journey, our years of relentless testing against Earth's harshest conditions, and our promise to deliver unparalleled excellence.

Driven by Precision

Expect the closest you can get to an original custom-fit.

We have been manufacturing tonneau covers and truck tops since 1993.
So, we’ve done the hard yards to guarantee you that millimetre perfect result.

Getting technical for a minute. We use a resilient substrate lighter than Gore-Tex and high-quality custom thread to further protect your investment.

All our truck caps go through a full-on fitness test. One that matches whatever your original truck manufacturer would put them through. Hand crafted in Melbourne, Australia from the highest quality raw materials our Wildtop Soft Truck Cap is made to withstand our Outback
environments harsh and relentless desert conditions.

Great To Go Sooner

Our quick easy fitment is matched by our extra fast turnaround. When you buy from WildTop, you’re buying direct from the manufacturer, which allows us to offer customer service and support that no other truck bed cover manufacturer can. We stand behind our product 100% and guarantee that you’ll be satisfied. Express delivered to every US State free of charge.

Value packed and backed

With a two year ‘no fuss’ warranty and a no questions asked 30 Day Satisfaction promise, we’ve got your and your truck's back – for sure.

ISO 9001 Certified

ISO 9001 evaluates whether our Quality Management System is
appropriate and effective, while forcing us to identify and implement

Continuous improvement assures our customers benefit by receiving products that
meet their requirement, and that we deliver consistent performance.
Internally, our organization will profit from increased job
satisfaction, improved morale, and improved operational results
(reduced scrap and increased efficiency).