How it works

The WildTop soft canvas truck cap functions like no other. Our patented design protects your load and allows for complete access. Our designers took up the challenge to create a truck cap that opened wider for easier access and offers an integrated roof rack system that will carry a roof top tent with ease, simply the best way to transform your truck into the ultimate overlander. The result means you can get to whatever you need in your truck bed and do it easily and quickly. Slide to adjust cover


WildTop's Soft Truck Cap is the only load-rated Soft Cap for sale in the United States today. It comes with almost unimpeded access to your entire truck bed from all 3 sides making it a truly efficient cargo space maximizer.

Its real claim to fame will surely be the ease in which it hauls 220 pounds* on its roof while you drive, or 770 pounds* when stopped and motionless!

So whether you plan on using the WildTop Soft Truck Cap for carrying tools and ladders to the work site or for taking a roof-top tent to camping trips on the weekends - WildTops' patented design will never let you down.

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