Protection & Durability
If you're looking for a way to keep your truck bed protected from rain and snow, look no further than the WildTop 100% waterproof truck caps! Our canvas design has been specially created so that there are absolutely NO openings through which water can penetrate. You'll stay dry in any condition - even if Mother Nature sends her hardest at us this season!
The WildTop soft canvas truck cap offers essential protection from the elements and a high degree of water intrusion protection.
Require a water tight truck bed?
While the Truck Cap cover, seams and zips are all 100% waterproof. There is one other place that may leave your truck bed vulnerable. Its not due to the truck cap, but the gap where the tailgate meets the bed on the bottom. Adding a gasket sealer here is a great way to keep water and dust from getting into to your truck bed.

I have been using this truck cap for my gladiator for two months now and I am amazed at the quality, durability and weathertightness of this soft canvas truck cap


With all the heavy rain we have had lately I can safely say that the cover keeps out most, if not all water - some water was still getting through the tailgate but not a design fault of this product. No truck bed cap is 100% waterproof and this small amount from the tailgate is well within reason.


I have driven the wildtop cap through car washes, numerous snow and rain storms and my cargo has always been dry and safe.

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