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Awesome product

Easy to fit
Look really nice on the truck
Very easy to use

Very Poor Experience

Despite carefully following the video and instructions, this has been a frustrating disaster. Two lock nuts suddenly froze before they could even be snugged, requiring cutting the stainless bolts. Although I have three sets of metric hex keys, none of them will fit the expanding blots. I now have a frame I can’t put on the truck and a $1200 loss unless I can find someone to fix this.

Hi Jamie,
Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. We're incredibly sorry to hear about the assembly issues! As discussed, we have send replacements immediately after receiving your review and email. We're here to help you get your WildTop on your truck, so don't hesitate to reach out again if there is anything further we can do to assist. Thank you for your feedback and for choosing WildTop!

Awesome topper

Have a 2021 Tundra and fits well

3.5 stars after 1 week

I like that you all are bringing something new to market but there are some bugs to be worked out for the Ford F150 6.5ft bed product. Bought a soft top as I wanted something that could be removed/reinstalled easier than a ‘heavy’ hard top, given I need to have an open bed several times a year. Thought the weight bearing nature of the Wild Top more favorable than the SoftTopper/BestTop.

Hit several snags assembling/mounting the frame. 1) The four inner reinforcing plates that were originally shipped had the wrong bend/angle to them. Replacements were shipped quickly and were correct. 2) The canvas templates, for drilling holes in the bed rail, were kinda worthless in that the drilling sites overlapped existing rivets and/or plastic clips holding the plastic bed rail protector. Probably better to direct customers to lift the frame up and assess the best place to drill based on existing hardware and the plentiful available holes in the mounting brackets. 3) Super/over snug canvas. What a pain in the butt. Would advise customers to secure the front top bolts so they can tug/pull/curse/tug some more to get the holes in the canvas over the rear bolt holes in the frame. 4) Canvas take two: Velcro strip for front bed rail/canvas does not adhere well to a bumpy spray-in liner. 5) Canvas take three: If the front canvas panel was a bit ‘longer’ it would reach down to the front bed rail better and perhaps alleviate above (4). As it is, I can only get about a 1/4”/6.4mm (rather than the full 3/4-1”) of the panel to secure to the Velcro. The short width, front, side canvas panels seem appropriately long and are snug but fully secure to the entire width of the Velcro strip.

Comments on general use. 1) Kind of annoying having the rear side flaps interfere with closing the tailgate; but I’ve gotten used to raising the tailgate, flipping them out of the way and shoving the gate shut. No biggie. 2) However, the magnets used to secure the side and rear panels, rolled up, simply don’t work and are probably the thing I find most irritating; much more so than everything else combined. I’ve worked all the other issues out but will have to deal with the magnet issue several times a week. Futzing with the straps to hold, having them seem to hold only to fall in my face as I’m moving things in and out of the truck is very irritating. Fortunately I know someone with appropriate sewing skills and equipment that should be able to sew some useful buckles on; but this seems like the biggest fail.

Hi Aaron,
Thank you for your review and for sharing your detailed feedback on your WildTop for your Ford F-150 6.5ft bed. We appreciate your honesty, and your experience is valuable to us as we strive to improve our product.

We're committed to continuously improving the WildTop experience, and your feedback is instrumental in this process. The specific points you've raised regarding the F-150 6.5ft bed model will be directly addressed in our development efforts. We're confident that these improvements will lead to a smoother assembly and overall positive experience for future customers.

A proper fit is essential, and we apologize if you experienced any issues in this area. Our team is always looking for ways to improve the fitment process. We'd be happy to connect you with one of our engineering team members who can discuss your specific concerns and see if there are any solutions we can offer.

Would you be open to sharing your thoughts in more detail? Perhaps specific examples of how the magnetic straps are not working as intended and the fit of the front panel to the top edge of the bed. This information would be incredibly valuable in guiding our development efforts.

Thank you again for your feedback and for choosing WildTop!

Great product idea, but ruined by cheap hardware and terrible instructions

This product is a fantastic idea for those who want a bed rack, and canopy, but it could use some serious refinement. To set the stage, I am a professional aircraft mechanic and have tooling and knowledge to build just about anything. However, the first thing a new owner will notice is the instructions are strictly pictures sketched by kindergarten children who were asked to describe what a bed rack looks like. Secondly the owner will realize the hardware provided is lacking and from the absolute cheapest supplier possible. The fitment is also just as lacking as you would expect if you manage to get that far. It's a shame, this could be a big game changer for off roaders, and overlanders alike.

Hi Wesley,
Thank you for your review. We appreciate your honesty, even though it's critical. We take all feedback seriously, especially from experienced users like yourself.

You're absolutely right – a great product idea shouldn't be let down by shortcomings in execution. We apologize for the frustration caused by the issues you encountered.

We're genuinely passionate about creating a product that lives up to its potential and empowers off-roaders and overlanders. Your feedback is a roadmap for improvement, and we're committed to making the necessary changes to ensure a better experience for future customers.

Would you be open to sharing your thoughts in more detail? Perhaps specific examples of the instruction challenges or hardware concerns. This information would be incredibly valuable in guiding our development efforts.

We appreciate your understanding and patience as we strive to improve.

Kindest regards, The WildTop Team

Tough canvas

Overall design is great. Canvas is long enough to cover the edge of the bed and keep out water. Great waterproof material. Do not try to put the canvas on yourself. Grab a partner to help stretch it into place. The frame is very solid and lightweight only issue I had was trying to install the bolts that hold it to the bed of the truck. Short bolts in a very tight spot.

199 dollars for two bars of square stock you could make yourself. Just my two cents

WildTop Soft Truck Cap for 2015-2023 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma 6ft Bed (73.7 in)

Almost perfect

Overall i am quite happy with the top, although there is definately room for improvement. Written instructions would be very helpful in several spots. No info at all on installing the n/s ladder racks. The front window attachment is difficult at best to install and prone to coming loose. One side support rod lifts itself to the inside of the frame and leaves a gap for water to enter.

Reasonable Product / Instructions Lacking

While the build quality seems rugged (I assembled installed and then removed as I am not ready to use), the instructions are lacking. Some text and dimensions would be beneficial. It seems like the rear uprights, installed per the vague graphic and semi-pre-punched canvas templates, are to too far inboard of the tailgate, which does not allow the rear flap to properly overlay the top of the tailgate. Therefore, I may need to drill additional holes in my truck when I reinstall in order to remedy this situation - Not happy about that.

Hi Brian,
Thank you for your review of your WildTop cap! We appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts, especially regarding the build quality. It's great to hear you're impressed with its ruggedness.

We understand your frustration with the lack of detailed instructions and the issue you encountered with the rear flap not properly overlaying the tailgate. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

We take customer feedback seriously, and your experience highlights the need for more comprehensive instructions. We're actively working on improving our instructions to include clear text, precise measurements, and detailed diagrams so thank you for this feedback.

We understand your concern about drilling additional holes in your truck. We want to help you achieve a proper fit hopefully without the need to drill additional holes into the bed of your truck. Our technicians are familiar with these types of situations and may be able to offer some guidance please reach out to us again and we can go over this particular issue.

Thanks, The WildTop Team

Brackets would not align and problems with self seating bolts..part D
I didn’t receive the top bracket screws

Hi Mike,

Thank you for your review and letting us know about the challenges you encountered with the brackets during assembly. We understand how frustrating it can be to face these issues, and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. We have since corrected the issue and sent out the correctly bent brackets so they align as intended as well as the other missing hardware. We really appreciate you reaching out to us early last week to identify this issue.

Kind regards, The WildTop Team

Nice soft top

This is%20a%20nice%20soft%20top.%20It%20seems%20tough%20and%20built%20to%20last.%20It%20was%20easy%20to%20install,%20and%20looks%20as%20good%20as%20it%20works.%20The%20zippers%20operate%20smoothly,%20and%20the%20kit%20even%20comes%20with%20clear%20stickers,%20to%20keep%20the%20zippers%20from%20wearing%20into%20the%20paint%20along%20your%20truck%20bed.%20It%20keeps%20out%20the%20rain,%20and%20is%20mostly%20quiet%20at%20speeds%20up%20to%2080mph.%20Some%20minor%20things%20we%20noticed%20are%20that%20the%20magnets%20in%20the%20straps%20aren%27t%20strong%20enough%20to%20hold%20the%20sides%20of%20the%20top%20up%20in%20the%20rolled%20position.%20We%20were%20hoping%20to%20leave%20them%20up%20when%20the%20dogs%20come%20along%20for%20trail%20rides.%20Another%20minor%20thing%20was%20the%20inner%20brackets%20that%20are%20an%20extra%20brace%20to%20the%20frame,%20were%20the%20wrong%20ones,%20and%20were%20bent%20at%20a%20different%20angle%20than%20for%20a%20Tacoma.%20But%20they%20weren%27t%20really%20needed.%20The%20instructions%20are%20QR%20code%20olny,%20which%20sucks.%20Paper%20ones%20would%20have%20been%20appreciated.Overall,%20it%27s%20a%20great%20product,%20with%20a%20seller%20who%20seems%20to%20really%20listen%20to%20their%20customers!

Hard to say-yet

Received, unpacked, but as I’m in Wisconsin it’s been too cold to assemble. That is, until this week-it finally climbed above 50°F. So assemble I did, right up to the bottom bracing-one part did not fit with the other or rather the 4 inner lower braces do not align with their outer counterparts. I have sent a photo along with a description of the problem and am awaiting an answer/solution. I’ll update as I go…

Hi Michael,

Thank you for your review and for your patience while the weather warmed up in Wisconsin! We understand the frustration of encountering an issue during assembly, especially after waiting for a chance to put it together.

Thanks for sending a photo and description of the issue! Your clear explanation made it easy for our team to identify the problem. We've already shipped the correct replacement part via express DHL last week, so you should receive it soon.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding. We look forward to getting your WildTop assembled and ready for your adventures!
Kind regards,
The WildTop Team

Great customer service. Had some issues with mounting hardware but I was able to figure out a solution. These guys listened to everything I had to say (including abuse) and worked with me to a solution.

I also just drive 1,100 miles with two canoes strapped to the top of my truck and WildTop and a bed full of gear and everything worked great. Total weight on the rack was near 200lbs.

Product is solid and well made. Easy to assemble but mounting can be difficult. Overall Great product.

2024 Silverado 2500

Instructions were not very good. The instructions showed pictures of mounting hardware that I did not receive. The instructions showed the base frame having pre drilled holes that weren’t there. My package came with an open hardware bag which probably accounts for the missing nuts and bolts. After figuring out how to assemble it and clamping it on my truck with clamps I got from Home Depot, I’m happy with the cap after two days of use.

Hi Jeffrey,

Thank you for your review! We're happy to hear you're enjoying your WildTop cap after two days of use, but we sincerely apologize for the frustration you encountered with the instructions and missing hardware.

It sounds like the instructions may have contained outdated information regarding pre-drilled holes and included hardware. We take customer feedback seriously and will definitely share your experience with our product development team to ensure our instructions are clear, accurate, and reflect the current product design.

We also apologize for the missing nuts and bolts from the open hardware bag. This is certainly not the experience we want for our customers. We'll be sure to investigate this issue with our fulfillment department to prevent similar occurrences in the future.
The WildTop Team

Top-notch, durable product. A soft top with load bearing capabilities is a great idea.

wrong color

product arived with wrong tarp color, no part list no instructions what so ever.

Hi Shachar,

Thank you for reaching out about this, as we discussed the incorrect color was ordered by mistake. We've attached a digital copy of the part list and instructions to your email. You should be able to access them as a download. If you're having trouble viewing them, please let us know and we'll be happy to send you a physical copy.

We apologize for any confusion during the ordering process and appreciate you bringing this to our attention. It allows us to identify areas for improvement.
Kindest regards, The WildTop Team

Looking forward to installing

Everything arrived as described. I have not had a chance to install yet, but assembly seems pretty straightforward.

Very cool!

Well made! Pretty easy to install. I bought the green and love the look!

Great looking top and a very unique product

Looked around at other brands but none were load rated like the wild top is. From order to my door in 2 weeks from Australia is not to shabby. Super easy to assemble if you are somewhat mechanically inclined. I assembled mine alone and it took about 4 hours and that was taking my time. No complaints so far. It is a very unique and well designed system and I have received many questions and compliments on the top around town.

I am very pleased with the product, and the customer service. I was missing the mounting brackets, I emailed the company and they had them to me within a week. The product is very durable and sturdily built. It’s also awesome having so much versatility when it comes to access to your bed, the roof rack or ladder racks as they call them are awesome allowing me to store a kayak and my rhino racks with fishing rods on top. I would say 10/10 would buy again in a heartbeat. The two issues I had with the product were the instructions are very vague they did very little on terms of explaining orientation, the second issue is the canvas cover is very tight so doing this by yourself is almost impossible definitely need a friend. Finally the product is amazing it has given me my bed space back, it’s quality built and the customer service is amazing.

The wild top is great and was one of the simplest installs I have done.

High Quality Top

everything went together quite well. missing a mounting bolt with expanding nut. hopefully you will send me one. seems like a quality top.

Hi Matt, We're thrilled to hear that everything went together quite well with your WildTop assembly! Thanks for letting us know about the missing mounting bolt with expanding nut. We apologize for this oversight and want to ensure you have all the necessary parts to complete the installation.
We've already expedited the shipment of the missing bolt and expanding nut which you have since received.
We're glad you're impressed with the quality of your WildTop! We take pride in using high-quality materials and construction methods. If you have any further questions or need assistance with assembly, please don't hesitate to reach out.
Thank you again for your feedback, and we're happy to hear you're enjoying your WildTop! Cheers, The WildTop Team

You guys think of everything! Those directions are spot on, even a tame ape (me) can confidently put this together. The cutout templates for where to drill and the little packet of rustproofing for the holes in my bed were icing on the cake. Drilling holes in my truck is the kind of thing I want to get right the first time. So far all I've done is go for a quick jaunt around town with the top on, but I'm impressed with the quality of parts. In particular the canvas is much heftier than I expected and the zippers on it look apocalypse proof.

Great product.

Installation instructions aren't great but it is a great product.

Hi John,
We're so glad to hear you love your new WildTop! It makes a big difference to hear positive feedback about the product itself.

However, we understand your frustration with the installation instructions. We take customer feedback seriously, and your experience is a valuable reminder of the importance of clear and concise assembly guides.

We're actively working on improving our instructions to ensure a smoother experience for future WildTop owners.

In the meantime, if you encountered any specific difficulties with the instructions during assembly, please don't hesitate to let us know. We have an engineering team available who can answer any questions you might have and offer additional guidance. You can reply to this message or email us at info@wild-top.com